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XY-MD02 Temp Humidity Sensor – Manual, Features, Specifications, Sample Programming
The XY-MD02 device uses industrial-grade chips and high-precision SHT20 sensors for accurately measuring temperature and humidity. It supports MODBUS RTU and ordinary UART communication protocols, giving you the flexibility to choose between them.

Automation Tools and Tips (Preferred Devices)
Tools and tips that I have used to wire panels that include PLCs, sensors, motors, drives, etc.

Communication Products

Click PLC – Purchasing Components
List of parts to purchase for your Koyo Click PLC series system. Demand is currently high for components, so you can find new and used parts for the Click PLC on eBay with these affiliated links.

Omron CP1H

Omron CP1E

Omron C20K C28K C40K C60K – Obsolete 2002 – Parts available On-line.