Click PLC

Click PLC Series (Automation Direct)
System Hardware – Video
Installing the SoftwareVideo
Establish CommunicationVideo
Numbering System and AddressingVideo
Timers and Counters
Counter Video
Timer Video
Compare and Math InstructionsVideo
Program Control InstructionsVideo
Shift RegisterVideo
Drum InstructionVideo
Send and Receive InstructionsVideo
AdvancedHMI CommuniationVideo
Create an Analog Voltage Input Tester for a PLCVideo
Wiring Testing Analog PLC Input ClickVideo
Modbus RTU Click PLC Master to BRX PLC Slave CommunicationVideo
Updating the FirmwareVideo

In process…
Click PLC HMI Rotary Encoder Dial Input – Video
High Speed Counters Part 1
– High Speed Count Mode Video
– Interval Measurement Mode Video
– Duration Measurement Mode Video
– Frequency Measurement Mode Video
High Speed Counters Part 2
– External Interrupt Mode Video
– Pulse Catch Mode Video
– Filter Pulse Mode Video
– Frequency Measurement and High Speed Count Mode Video

YouTube Video Playlists 
Click PLC System
Learning PLC Programming
PLC Basic Tutorials
How to wire a PLC
PLC Program Development
PLC Programming Techniques
PLC Programming Examples
Advanced Programming Techniques
PLC Troubleshooting

Click PLC System
– Investment is low for the hardware and the software is free
– Standalone PLC with built in I/O
– Communication ability – Ethernet Port, RS232, RS485 – support for protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, etc.
– Ability to expand the system with a variety of modules including RTD and Thermocouple inputs directly.

Practical Tips and Techniques