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9 thoughts on “What’s New”

  1. is their any chance you are in Alberta
    I have a problem where I purchased equipment that does not talk to each other
    I have two normally open NPN speed sensors and two proportional valve controllers of different designs, One is from Canada and the other from China. It turns out I have no technical support from either manufacturer as well

    the goal is to speed control a conveyor belt to a constant speed as the load varies. I used DO3 hydraulic proportional valves and I have a charlynn motor with a built in sensor. Its simple enough but wow.

    • Hi Evan
      Unfortunately, I am in Ontario.
      If you can send me the specifications and information on the system, I’ll take a look at them.
      Thanks Evan,

  2. Hi
    You are doing a great job.I want you to advertise the prices of click and Do more miniature PLCs. Great videos and resources at website.

    • Hi Wisdom,
      Thank you for the comments. Prices vary depending on the models and options. The Click, Do-More and Productivity series of PLC’s are constantly still being developed with new and improved features. This has always been something that I look for in a PLC supplier. Since I do not sell the product, prices will not be shown on the website. I will say that you will not be able to find a more cost-effective automation solution than these PLCs offer.
      This site is done as a way to give back to the industry. It pays for itself through advertising on the site alone.
      Thanks again,

  3. Hi Gary,

    thanks for all the work on this site. I am designing a pallet stack for sod. I am using encoders to position the sod on the pallet. i am trying to figure out after i calibrate the arm how to save the position location so i dont have to calibrate every time i turn the stacker on? How do I write to the Micro SD Card and then read the configuration back into the Task?

    • Hi Harry,
      Thank you for the comments on the website.
      Normally this is done with the memory retentive addresses within the PLC. What hardware (PLC Model) are you planning to use?


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