LS Electric XGB PLC Series

The LS XGB PLC is a compact industrial controller with advanced motion control capabilities and an IEC programming environment.
XGB PLC Series
The FREE programming software allows you to program in several IEC standard PLC languages, such as ladder diagram (LD), structured text (ST), sequential function chart (SFC), and instruction list (IL). User-defined functions/tags and easy tag creation like “Excel®” make this software versatile.
This series focuses on the XGB PLC and how to quickly and easily get it up and running. Each post will have a corresponding video to demonstrate the concepts discussed.

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XGB PLC Series

Transform Automation with LS XGB PLC: The Solution – Video
Installing the XG5000 PLC Programming Software – Video

XGB PLC Series

LS XGB PLC FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Product Cut Sheet (XEM-DN32H2 Unit Specifications)
LS PLC Technical Specifications
Interactive Guide
LS PLC User Manual
Other Documents:
PLC Installation Guide
Product Brochure
PLC Statement of Direction
Software and Support:
XG5000 / XG-PM PLC Programming Software
XEM PLC Firmware
Quick Start Procedures
XEM Pulse Servo Wiring Diagrams
Example Applications Directory
XGB PLC Series