Omron PLC – CP1H Series

Omron CP1H Series
System Hardware – Video
CX-Programmer – Video
Establish Communication – Video
Setting, Forcing and Online Editing – Video
Numbering System and Addressing – Video
CP1H Timers – Video
Counters – Video
Data Movement – Video
Compare Instructions – Video
Data Shift Instructions
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
Math Instructions – Video
Data Conversion – Video
Program Control Instructions – Video
Table Data Instructions – Video
Data Control Instructions – Video
AdvancedHMI Communication – Video
Omron CP1H to C-More EA9-RHMI CommunicationVideo
In process…
Omron CP1H to C-More Micro HMI Communication – Video

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Omron CP1H Series
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The Omron CP1 series of programmable logic controllers consist of three different units. CP1E is the cost effective unit, CP1L is the high performing controller that can come with embedded Ethernet and the CP1H is the position control and comprehensive programmable logic controller.
We will be looking a the CP1H for this series, but a majority of the information can be applied to the CP1E and the CP1L controllers as well.

– Standalone PLC with built in I/O
– Communication ability – Ethernet Port, RS232, RS485 – support for protocols such as Modbus, Host Link, ASCII (No Protocol)
– Built in Analog inputs and outputs
– 4 axis control of motion
– 4 high speed counters
– powerful instruction set (similar to CS anc CJ series)
– Ability to expand the system with a variety of modules

Practical Tips and Techniques