These series of posts will go through specific hardware and software. They are designed for you to learn the device quickly.

PLC Beginners Guide
A good place to start for those just starting to learn about PLCs.
PLC Fiddle – An Online PLC Editor and Simulator in Your Browser – This is ideal to try out your logic free. There are challenges that become more difficult as you work through them. Your understanding of PLC logic will increase and you will have fun.

Automation Direct PLC
Click PLC
BRX (Do-More) PLC
Productivity 1000 PLC (Productivity Suite Software) In Process…

Omron PLC

Horner (All in one controller)
XL4 PLC (Cscape Software)

Automation Direct HMI
CMore Micro (EA3-T4CL) (C-More Micro Programming Software)
CMore HMI Series Panel  (EA9 ) (C-More Programming Software)
In Process…

Practical Tips and Techniques