Arduino Uno Starter Kit

The Arduino UNO is one of the best board to learn about electronics and coding. This robust board is the most used and documented board of the whole Arduino family.

This series will be looking at the Elegoo Arduino UNO R3 Super Starter Kit. Opening up this great learning tool and discussing the Uno board itself.

Elegoo Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit

Hardware and Powering – Video
Software – Video

Arduino Uno Starter Kit
Basic Components – Arduino Uno

LEDs – Video
Digital InputsVideo
Analog InputsVideo
Tilt Ball SwitchVideo

Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Advanced Components – Arduino Uno

Temperature and HumidityVideo
IR Receiver ModuleVideo
LCD DisplayVideo

Raspberry Pi For Beginners (Complete Course) 
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Arduino consists of a family of single programmable circuit boards and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that uses a streamlined version of C++ to write and upload code to the boards. Many pre-configured circuit boards, called “shields”, are available to expand the functionality of the Arduino controller. These shields can provide Ethernet, WiFi, GPS, LCD displays, and motor controls, among others, by simply “stacking” or connecting the shields to the Arduino controller board. This Lego-style building of electronic devices is becoming more popular.

An industrial Arduino controller called the Productivity Open P1AM is available.
Productivity Open is an industrial rated Arduino compatible platform controller. This rugged open-sourced CPU mimics the MKRZero Arduino. You can add standard MKRZero shields (Add-on Boards), along with the Productivity 1000 PLC I/O.
Arduino Uno Starter Kit
The Productivity Open Arduino Compatible Industrial Controller is CE and UL certified. Approved industrial standards ensure that your panels operate equipment and systems in a wide range of industrial environments and enable the safe functioning of equipment.
Industrial electrical noise isolation has been incorporated in the design of the Productivity Open. Voltages up to 240VAC can now be used with up to 3A output ratings on your maker project.

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