HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Android OS
Suppanel HMI to Click PLCVideo

Windows OS

C-More Micro HMI
C-More HMI EA9
In Process…

Programming Languages
Visual Studio – VB.Net
Implementing the Omron Host Link Protocol VB NetVideo
Modbus TCP Data Logging to DatabaseVideo

Create a PLC with HMI Training and Learning Environment FreeVideo
Deploying an AdvancedHMI ProjectVideo
Creating a HMI Login Screen on AdvancedHMI
Explaining the Code Video
Sequence of Operation Video
BRX PLC AdvancedHMI Communication – Modbus TCPVideo
AdvancedHMI to Solo Process Temperature ControllerVideo
Click PLC AdvancedHMI CommunicationVideo
Omron CP1H AdvancedHMI CommunicationVideo
Horner XL4 Modbus TCP AdvancedHMI CommunicationVideo

VBA – Visual Basic for Applications
How to Implement Modbus TCP Protocol using VBA with ExcelVideo
How to Implement the Omron Host Link Protocol Part 2 VBAVideo

How to Implement the Omron PLC Host Link ProtocolVideo