Horner XL4 Series

Horner XL4 Series (All in one controller)
This series on the Horner XL4 all-in-one controller (PLC) will go step by step through learning how to use this innovative unit.

System Hardware
Unboxing Hardware Video
Powering Up Unit Video
Installing the Software Cscape – Video
Cscape Software Setup – Video
Establishing Communication – Video
Numbering System and Addressing – Video
User Interface – Video
Timers and Counters – Video
Compare and Move Instructions – Video
Math Instructions – Video
Program Control Instructions – Video
Rotate and Shift Register – Video
Recipe InstructionVideo
Report GeneratorVideo
Modbus RTU InstructionsVideo
FTP File Transfer Protocol ServerVideo
HTTP Web Server
Modbus TCP AdvancedHMI Communication
Firmware Update
Data Logging

The Horner XL4 OCS is an All-in-one controller. This means that this modern unit combines a logic controller, operator interface, I/O and networking all into one package. This OCS (Operator Control Station) family was first released in 1998. New features to the line-up have been added over the years. Today the OCS family has a very competitive advantage as you will soon see.
Programming is done with a single programming software package. Cscape (Control Station Central Application Programming Environment) is designed to be easy to use and maintain.

Horner XL4 Controller
– Investment is low for the hardware and the software is free
– Standalone PLC with built in I/O and HMI
– Communication ability – Ethernet Port, RS232, RS485 – support for protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, etc.
– Built in data logging functions
– Ability to expand the system with a variety of modules

Practical Tips and Techniques