Node-RED IoT Enabling Software

Node-RED is an enabling software for IoT. (Internet of Things) This means that we can communicate to control and read information from industrial equipment. Logging of information to databases and analyzing this information is easily achieved. Node-RED provides an efficient and easily implemented control solution.

Node-RED IoT Enabling Software Series
Installing the Software

node-red iot enabling software

In this series we will be using Node-RED in some of the following ways:
Installing the Windows SoftwareVideo
Node-RED IoT Enabling Software

Modbus RTU / TCP Communication

– Connect to our industrial equipment using the Modbus protocol. We will connect a Click PLC and Solo Temperature Controller.
Modbus RTU / TCP CommunicationVideo
Node-RED IoT Enabling Software

Node-RED Dashboard

– Display Information on a user interface, HMI, or dashboard
We will be controlling the Solo Set Value through the local dashboard interface or with the information read from the Click PLC.
Node-RED User Interface – DashboardsVideo
Node-RED IoT Enabling Software

Node-RED SQL Database Log

Node-RED can easily log data to a database. SQL (Structured Query Language) can be used to communicate to a SQL database.
Node-RED SQL Database Log - Modbus Logging
We will be creating an SQLite SQL database. SQLite Studio will be used to design the structure of the database. (Tables) Installing the node-red-sqlite-node palette will allow us to log the information from our Solo process temperature controller, Click PLC, and dashboard variables.
Node-RED SQL Database LogVideo

Node-RED SQL Database Spreadsheet Connection

We will now look at the connection to our SQL database using a spreadsheet application. Previously we used Node-RED to communicate Modbus TCP and RTU to our Click PLC and Solo Temperature Controller. The information collected from the controllers was then put into an SQLite SQL database.
Node-RED SQL Database Spreadsheet Connection
Spreadsheets like Excel are great for the analysis of the data. We will be connecting to our SQLite SQL database with WPS spreadsheets. This will be accomplished by using an ODBC driver as the translator between the database and spreadsheet.
Node-RED SQL Database Spreadsheet ConnectionVideo

Additional Node-RED Links:

Node-RED MQTT Broker with Productivity P1000 P2000 PLCs
Productivity PLC Node-RED MQTTVideo

Node-RED and Click Plus MQTT Clients to Mosquitto Broker
Click Plus PLC MQTT CommunicationVideo

Node-RED SQLite Database Logging
Click Plus Data LoggingVideo

Do-More PLC Node-RED HTTP Request
Do-More REST API – HTTP RequestVideo

Install Node-RED on Raspberry Pi 4
Installing Node-RED on Raspberry Pi 4Video

Productivity Series PLC
Productivity 2000 PLC Node-RED Modbus TCPVideo


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Node-RED Serial RS485 to Solo Process Temperature Controller
CH340/CH341 USB to Serial PC InstallationVideo

Node-RED – Modbus TCP – SQLite Database 
Simple Click Data LoggingVideo

Node-RED Modbus TCP Handling ErrorsVideo
Raspberry Pi Serial Port ProgrammingVideo
Omron PLC Node-RED Serial CommunicationVideo

Node-RED is a powerful and easy programming tool that will allow you to join together hardware devices, APIs (Application Programming Interface), and online services. This joining of information is part of the smart factory. Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, and Smart Production are just a few of the other labels that have been applied to this type of technology.
Node-RED provides a browser-based flow editor. This provides an easy way to visually see and modifies your program flow. Flows can then be deployed to the runtime in a single click. Node-RED is built on Node.js. This lightweight runtime can be deployed on low-cost hardware (Raspberry Pi ) or cloud services (Microsoft Azure). This has the ability to bring data collection, analysis, and storage closer to the actual device. Real-time edge computing can then be achieved without latency issues.

node-red iot enabling software

Node-RED Links
Node-RED Organization Home Page
Getting Started – Run Locally
Node-RED running on Windows (Run at Startup)
Securing Node-RED
Node-RED Essentials Videos (Basics of the Editor)
Node-RED Library – Find new nodes, share your flows and see what other people have done with Node-RED.

Learn JavaScript Free
w3schools JavaScript Tutorial
Node-Red JavaScript Primer

Node-RED Modbus TCP and Serial

Dashboard – HMI
Node-RED Dashboard
Node-RED Dashboard extra nodes

SQL Database
Node-RED SQL Database
Node-RED SQL Plus – Execute queries and stored procedures

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