Automation Tools and Tips (Preferred Devices)

These are some tools and tips that I have used to wire panels that include PLCs, sensors, motors, drives, etc. Let me know in the comments below how you like these tools.

STOP Wiring Stranded Wire Direct to Terminals

Using a stranded wire directly into a terminal is not recommended. This can cause the wire threads to bend and break, shorting out other terminal connections. Wire ferrules are used for stranded copper. Stranded copper gives electrical wire flexibility, making bending and moving the wire easy. A ferrule is a thin tin-coated copper cylinder placed over a wire’s stripped end. The ferrule crimper will compress the tube into a square or hex shape, depending on how the wire connection is used. A square will work well with most terminals like a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Ferrule crimping kits like this one is easy and less expensive than you might think. Use ferrules for all of your stranded wire connections.
YouTube Shorts Video – Ferrule Crimping
Ferrule Crimping Kit

Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are an item that you will use often to remove the insulation from the wire to make the connections to the PLC. Strippers come in automatic and manual types. The automatic type will cut and pull off the stripped insulation. Manual types will cut the wire insulation but you will have to pull this off yourself.

Here is my favorite automatic wire stripper. (Irwin Vice-Grip)
Watch on YouTube: Automation Tools – Irwin Wire Strippers

Note: This stripper is not suited for multi-coated wire (nylon over PVC). This is commonly used in household wiring. If this is the main product you are stripping, the following tools are more appropriate. Automatic Wire Stripper Tool for 8-20 AWG Solid and 10-22 AWG Stranded Electrical Wire

Manual Wire Stripper

It is important that manual strippers have spring returns. They provide a better operation, especially if you are using them for a long duration.

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