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Here is a Method That is Helping PLC Programmers to Program Faster

Three Free PLC Programming Software Tools

Adjusting Daylight Savings Time In Do-More

Now You Can Have Robust Data Logging for Free
(PLC Program – Modbus TCP (VB6) – Access Database – Web Server)
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How to Implement Modbus TCP Protocol using VBA with Excel

Modbus TCP Data Logging to Database

Now You Can Have Data Logging Free – eBook

Building a PLC Program That You Can Be Proud Of
Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
(This series takes you through using discrete inputs and outputs to control traffic lights and cylinders. As we progress we introduce additional methods to solve logic. We look at sequencers in a new way and learn how to write programs to allow users to teach the new sequence.)
Creating a HMI Login Screen on AdvancedHMI
Deploying an AdvancedHMI Project
What Everybody Ought to Know About IP Addressing

How to Send Email to SMTP Server (VB)
Here’s is a quick way to send email (text) messages from the PLC
Google is removing “Less Secured Apps” in the mail app. (Gmail) If you are using this to send email from your controller, you must enable 2-step verification. This will then give you the option to generate an “App Password” for your controller or program.
Gmail Less Secure App Access – App Passwords

How to Implement the Omron PLC Host Link Protocol (VB)
How to Implement the Omron Host Link Protocol Part 2 – VBA
Implementing the Omron Host Link Protocol (

Implementing the Omron CX Server DDE and Excel
Excel – Conditional Movement of Data

Installing SQL Server Express 2014
Creating a Database in SQL Server Express 2014
Sharing a Database in SQL Server Express 2014

Here’s a Quick Way to Convert Grey Code into Binary for PLC

How to Troubleshoot a PLC

Creating More Than Just A PLC Program

Changing Landscape of PLC Programming