Productivity 1000 Series PLC – P1000

Productivity Suite PLC Simulator Software Free DownloadVideo

Productivity 1000 Series PLC – Automation Direct
System HardwareVideo
Installing the SoftwareVideo
Establishing CommunicationVideo
First ProgramVideo
Documenting the ProgramVideo
Monitoring and Testing the ProgramVideo
Online Editing and Debug ModeVideo
Numbering Systems and Tag DatabaseVideo
Contact and Coil InstructionsVideo
Timer InstructionsVideo
Counter InstructionsVideo
Math InstructionsVideo
Data Handling Instructions Part 1Video
Data Handling Instructions Part 2Video
Array Functions Part 1Video
Array Functions Part 2Video
Array Functions Part 3Video
Program ControlVideo
Drum Sequencer InstructionsVideo
Data LoggerVideo
Web ServerVideo
Modbus RTU Serial CommunicationVideo
Modbus TCP Ethernet CommunicationVideo
Firmware UpdateVideo
AdvancedHMI Modbus TCP Ethernet CommunicationVideo

Email and Text CommunicationVideo
Google is removing “Less Secured Apps” in the mail app. (Gmail) If you are using this to send email from your controller, you must enable 2-step verification. This will then give you the option to generate an “App Password” for your controller or program.
Gmail Less Secure App Access – App Passwords

PID Instruction (Auto Tuning)Video
PID Ramp Soak InstructionVideo

Productivity 1000 Series PLC Modbus ASCII ProtocolVideo

Stride Field Remote IO Modules Modbus TCP Ethernet
Unboxing SIO MB12CDR and SIO MB04ADS Video
Powering and Configuring Video
Productivity 1000 PLC to Stride Field IO Modbus TCPVideo

Modbus RTU TCP Remote IO Controller BX-MBIO
BX-MBIO Hardware Video
BX-MBIO Powering and Configuring Video
Productivity 1000 PLC to Modbus TCP RTU Remote IO Controller BX-MBIOVideo

Productivity 1000 Series PLC Click EtherNet/IP Remote I/OVideo
Productivity BRX Do-More EtherNet/IP Remote IOVideo

Node-RED MQTT Broker with Productivity P1000 P2000 PLCs
Productivity PLC Node-RED MQTTVideo

Automation Direct Productivity1000 Analog, Digital and Ethernet PLC Trainer
: 1 PLC , 1 Training Module with 4 discrete inputs and 4 discrete outputs, two analog input, two analog output, power switch, USB programming cable, power supply …. so you supply the computer and we will supply everything else. Investment $699.99 USD

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Analog 4-20 ma Current Input to PLC


Productivity 1000 Series Controller
The Productivity 1000 series of programmable logic controllers currently has all of these features built into the P1-540 CPU.
This CPU (Central Processing Unit) are also known as MPU (Multi Processing Units) because of the communication capabilities.

– 50MB user memory – Can handle very complex applications easily.
– 4 built-in communication ports – Easy connectivity to your network.
– Data logging up to 32 GB on a microSD card
– Add up to 8 IP modules to communicate to your field sensors. This will give you a total of 128 discrete IO points or 32 analog IO channels.
– Free Software and 30 days of free training with every CPU from Automation Direct.
– Interactive PLC Configuration Tool
– Tag Names
– Auto discovery IO – Physical I/O tags will be generated based on each module’s position in the base.
– I/O Modules have QR codes under the wiring cover. This can be scanned so you can have the latest specifications / wiring diagrams for the module.
– Limitless PID – Auto tuning – Individual or Cascade Mode – etc
– Web Server and Mobile Access
– Advanced Software instruction set