BRX (Do-More) PLC

BRX Series PLC – Do-More Designer – Automation Direct
System HardwareVideo
– PLC Unboxing Video
Installing the Software (Do-More Designer 2.0)Video
Establish CommunicationVideo
– Firmware Update Video
Numbering Systems and AddressingVideo
Do-More Designer Element Browser (Cast Builder)- Video
First ProgramVideo
Monitoring and Testing the ProgramVideo
Online Editing and Debug ModeVideo
Adjusting Daylight Savings Time
High-Speed IOVideo
Compare InstructionsVideo
Math Instructions Video
Program ControlVideo
Shifting InstructionsVideo
Drum InstructionVideo
Serial Communication – Modbus RTU to Solo Process Temperature ControllerVideo
Data LoggingVideo
Email – Text SMS Messaging (Gmail)Video
– Secure Email – Authentication (Gmail Server) Video
AdvancedHMI Communication – Modbus TCPVideo
Analog IO – System ConfigurationVideo
Modbus RTU BRX PLC Master to Click PLC Slave CommunicationVideo
HTTP JSON InstructionsVideo
Analog Dusk to Dawn ProgramVideo
BRX PLC INC DEC 512 Registers for DMX512Video
BRX PLC PID with PWM OutputVideo
BRX PLC PID Ramp Soak ProfileVideo
BRX Do-More Simulator MQTT Publish / SubscribeVideo
BRX Do-More PLC MQTT CommunicationsVideo
BRX Do-More PLC Modbus ASCII ProtocolVideo

BRX Do-More PLC Peerlink Ethernet Communication NetworkVideo

Stride MQTT Gateway Modbus RTU TCP
– Stride MQTT Gateway Unboxing – Video
– Stride MQTT Gateway Modbus RTU TCP – Video
Stride MQTT Gateway Click PLC Modbus RTU TCPVideo

Stride Field Remote IO Modules Modbus TCP Ethernet
Unboxing SIO MB12CDR and SIO MB04ADS Video
Powering and Configuring Video
BRX Do-More PLC to Stride Field IO Modbus TCPVideo

BRX Do-More PLC Ethernet Remote IO Controller BX-DMIO
BX-DMIO Hardware Video
BX-DMIO Configuration and Programming Video

Modbus RTU TCP Remote IO Controller BX-MBIO
BX-MBIO Hardware Video
BX-MBIO Powering and Configuring Video
BRX Do-More PLC to Modbus TCP RTU Remote IO Controller BX-MBIOVideo

HTTP Web ServerVideo
Dynamic Web Pages (REST API)Video
FTP Client Get PutVideo
Productivity BRX Do-More EtherNet/IP Remote IOVideo

Do-More PLC Node-RED HTTP Request
Do-More REST API – HTTP RequestVideo

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The BRX series of programmable logic controllers consist of four different units. They differ depending on the Inputs and Outputs built into the unit and if it has an ethernet port.
No I/O Micro PLC unit – (BX ME)
10 Point Micro PLC unit – (BX 10/10E)
18 Point Micro PLC unit – (BX 18/18E)
36 Point Micro PLC unit – (BX 36/36E)
These CPUs (Central Processing Units) are also known as MPU (Multi-Processing Units) because of their communication capabilities.

BRX Series Controller
– Standalone PLC with built-in I/O
– Built-in Data Logging
– Communication ability – Ethernet Port, RS232, RS485, USB – support for protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, ASCII, K-sequence (DirectLOGIC users), Custom Protocols (ASCII over serial, TCP or UDP over Ethernet)
– Built-in Analog input and output
– Integrated motion control
– High-speed counters
– Powerful instruction set (Video of Instructions in software)
– Ability to expand the system with a variety of modules
– Part of the Do-More series of PLCs which use the same free software. (Do-More Designer)
– Integrated simulator in the software capable of external communications for testing

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