PLC Basics

The 7 Essential Parts of a PLC System
What Everybody Ought to Know About PLC Programming Languages

PLC Bits Numbers and Position

The best method is develop PLC programs is to break the task into some smaller steps. Here are the five steps to PLC program development.
Five Steps to PLC Program Development 
PLC Programming Examples:
Die Stamping

Process Mixer
Video Process Mixer
Video Process Mixer Test Simulation

Shift Register (Conveyor Reject)

Paint Spraying

Delay Starting of 7 Motors

Pick and Place (Robot)
Video Test Simulation

Sorting Station (Shift Register) -Factory IO
Video Sorting Station Testing

Palletizer – Factory IO
Video Palletizer Testing
Palletizer Drum Instructions

Learn PLC Programming – Free – Video Series
1 – Installing the software
2 – Your first PLC program
3 – Program Documentation
4 – Start / Stop / Jog Circuit
5 – Jog Circuit  memory retentive
6 – Understanding decimal and binary numbering
7 – Binary Interpretation
8 – The Secret of Timers
9 – The Secret of Counters

Productivity 1000 Series PLC – Automation Direct
In Progress…

BRX Series PLC – Do-More Designer – Automation Direct
System HardwareVideo
– PLC Unboxing Video
Installing the Software (Do-More Designer 2.0)Video
Establish CommunicationVideo
– Firmware Update Video
Numbering Systems and AddressingVideo
First ProgramVideo
Monitoring and Testing the ProgramVideo
Online Editing and Debug ModeVideo
High Speed IOVideo
Compare InstructionsVideo
Math Instructions Video
Program ControlVideo
Shifting InstructionsVideo
Drum InstructionVideo
Serial Communication – Modbus RTU to Solo Process Temperature ControllerVideo
Data LoggingVideo
Email – Text SMS Messaging (Gmail)Video
AdvancedHMI Communication – Modbus TCPVideo
Analog IO – System ConfigurationVideo
Modbus RTU BRX PLC Master to Click PLC Slave CommunicationVideo

Omron CP1H Series
System Hardware
Establish Communication
Setting, Forcing and Online Editing
Numbering System and Addressing
CP1H Timers
Data Movement
Compare Instructions
Data Shift Instructions
Math Instructions
Data Conversion
Program Control Instructions
Table Data Instructions
Data Control Instructions
AdvancedHMI Communication

Horner XL4 Series
System Hardware
Installing the Software Cscape
Cscape Software Setup
Establishing Communication
Numbering System and Addressing
User Interface
Timers and Counters
Compare and Move Instructions
Math Instructions
Program Control Instructions
Rotate and Shift Register
Recipe Instruction
Report Generator
Modbus RTU Instructions
FTP File Transfer Protocol Server
HTTP Web Server
Modbus TCP AdvancedHMI Communication
Firmware Update
Data Logging

Click PLC Series (Automation Direct)
System Hardware – Video
Installing the SoftwareVideo
Establish CommunicationVideo
Numbering System and AddressingVideo
Timers and Counters
Counter Video
Timer Video
Compare and Math InstructionsVideo
Program Control InstructionsVideo
Shift RegisterVideo
Drum InstructionVideo
Send and Receive InstructionsVideo
AdvancedHMI CommuniationVideo
Create an Analog Voltage Input Tester for a PLCVideo
Wiring Testing Analog PLC Input ClickVideo
Modbus RTU Click PLC Master to BRX PLC Slave CommunicationVideo

How you can learn PLC Programming without spending a dime!
Create a PLC with HMI Training and Learning Environment Free
Deploying an AdvancedHMI Project

What Everybody Ought to Know About IP Addressing

How to Troubleshoot a PLC
Omron C20K, C28K, C40K, C60K Troubleshooting

The Secret of Using Counters

The Secret of Using Timers

What Everybody Ought to Know About PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Numbering Systems

How PLC Inputs Work
How PLC Outputs Work

Understanding the PLC Program Scan
Who Else Wants To Know How A PLC Scans?

Here’s a Quick Way to Wire NPN and PNP Devices

How To Make a Start / Stop / Jog Circuit in a PLC

Here’s a Quick Way to Understand PLC Inputs and Outputs

Who Else Wants To Lean PLC Programming For Free?

Creating More Than Just A PLC Program

Wiring Stack Light to Click PLCVideo

Practical Tips and Techniques