MOSAIC – MOdular SAfety Integrated Controller

Safety controllers monitor over-voltage / short circuit protection, redundant relays, and positive guided contacts to provide a level of fail-safe operation for applications. The modular MOSAIC safety controller is an expandable, cost-effective choice over standalone safety relays. Especially as the required number of relays/channels increases. It will also reduce the wiring of your safety circuits.

MOSAIC stands for MOdular SAfey Integrated Controller.

MOSAIC Safety Controller Series:
MOSAIC Safety Controller System Hardware
– System Hardware Un-boxing Video
– System Hardware Powering Up Video
Installing the Software (MSD) – Video
First Program Part 1 – Video
First Program Part 2 – Video
Emergency StopVideo

In process…
OSSD – Output Signal Switching Device

ReeR MOSAIC Safety Controller (Automation Direct) Advantages:

  • Reduces the number of devices and wiring used and overall size of the project
  • Speeding-up control panel construction
  • Allows tamper-proof system configurations
  • All logic is configured through a graphic interface
    (no more laborious wiring is needed as with traditional solutions)
  • The lower number of electromechanical components also means a better performance level and a higher safety level
  • The project report provides the actual values of PFH, DCavg, and MTTFd according to EN 13849-1 and EN 62061

ReeR MOSAIC Safety Controller
MOSAIC Controller Installation and Use Manual
MOSAIC Field bus Modules: Installation and Use
Supplemental Communication information and example wiring diagrams
Product Datasheets (Installation and Setup Instruction)
MSD – MOSAIC Safety Designer Software – (Free Download Link) – The software will contain all of the instruction sets and help files for the MOSAIC Safety Controller.

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