Productivity Open Arduino Compatible Industrial Controller

Productivity Open Arduino Compatible Industrial Controller

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Congratulations! Productivity Open named Product of the Year – Grand Award
Productivity Open - Product of the Year Award
Plant Engineering has named the Productivity Open as the Grand Winner of the Product of the Year award.

P1AM-100 Hardware
Starter Kit Unboxing Video
Powering Up Video
Installing the SoftwareVideo
First ProgramVideo
Program StructureVideo
Variables Data TypeVideo
Serial Monitor COMVideo
Program ControlVideo
GPIO Inputs and OutputVideo
Math InstructionsVideo
Time InstructionsVideo
P1000 Expansion Analog Combination ModuleVideo
P1000 Expansion Digital Inputs and Outputs Part 1Video
P1000 Expansion Digital Inputs and Outputs Part 2Video
P1000 Expansion Thermocouple ModuleVideo
PID ControlVideo
Arduino Modbus TCP to C-More Micro EA3Video
Arduino Modbus TCP to C-More EA9Video
Arduino Web ServerVideo
Arduino Modbus TCP Client to Click PLCVideo

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Productivity Open is an industrial rated Arduino compatible platform controller. This rugged open-sourced CPU mimics the MKRZero Arduino. You can add standard MKRZero shields (Add-on Boards), along with the Productivity 1000 PLC I/O.

The Productivity Open Arduino Compatible Industrial Controller is CE and UL certified. Approved industrial standards ensure that your panels operate equipment and systems in a wide range of industrial environments and enable the safe functioning of equipment.
Industrial electrical noise isolation has been incorporated in the design of the Productivity Open. Voltages up to 240VAC can now be used with up to 3A output ratings on your maker project.