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MOSAIC Safety Controller First Program Part 1

The MOSAIC Modular Safety Integrated Controller can be programmed for your safety control application. Steps to programming our MOSAIC include writing the program, verification, simulation, downloading and monitoring.

We will be using the MOSAIC Safety Designer software (MSD) to write, verify and simulate our program. Our first program will have an emergency stop switch with status indication. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

MOSAIC Safety Controller Installing the Software (MSD)

The MOSAIC Safety Controller uses the MOSAIC Safety Designer Software to program and monitor your safety project. This MOSAIC Safety Designer Software (MSD) can be downloaded free of charge and includes a simulator. The latest MSD software is version 1.6.11.

Our free downloaded software contains the MSD software mentioned above as well as the MOSAIC Bus Configurator Software. We will be installing both of these software programs on our computer. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

MOSAIC Safety Controller System Hardware

Safety controllers monitor over voltage / short circuit protection, redundant relays, and positive guided contacts to provide a level of fail-safe operation for applications. The modular MOSAIC safety controller is an expandable, cost-effective choice over standalone safety relays. Especially as the required number of relays/channels increases. It will also reduce the wiring of your safety circuits.

MOSAIC stands for MOdular SAfey Integrated Controller. We will be looking at the system hardware of the MOSAIC and un-boxing our unit. We will also apply power to the system. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!