Horner XL4 System Hardware

The Horner XL4 OCS is an All-in-one controller. This means that this modern unit combines a logic controller, operator interface, I/O and networking all into one package. This OCS (Operator Control Station) family was first released in 1998. New features to the line-up have been added over the years. Today the OCS family has a very competitive advantage as you will soon see.
Programming is done with a single programming software package. Cscape (Control Station Central Application Programming Environment) is designed to be easy to use and maintain.

This series on the Horner XL4 all-in-one controller (PLC) will go step by step through learning how to use this innovative unit.

There are several reasons why we are using the Horner XL4 Controller. Here are just a few.
– Investment is low for the hardware and the software is free
– Standalone PLC with built in I/O and HMI
– Communication ability – Ethernet Port, RS232, RS485 – support for protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, etc.
– Built in data logging functions
– Ability to expand the system with a variety of modules

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You have probably seen these controllers in use but never paid much attention to them. With the following environmental ratings this controller is ideal for the small to medium size projects. It will handle temperature ratings from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius with a non-condensing humidity from 5 to 95 percent.
UL Class 1, Div 2 – A place in which an explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation, but may occur for short periods.
UL Type 4X – Either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection against falling rain, splashing water and hose-directed water; undamaged by the formation of ice on the enclosure; resists corrosion.
ATEX – Please refer to the chart in the link for the ATEX coding on your controller.

Horner XL4 System Hardware 010-minHere are the following hardware features of this controller:

Horner XL4 System Hardware 020-minMicroSD (32GB)
Used for data logging, field application updates, recipes, etc

Horner XL4 System Hardware 030-minEthernet 10/100
Modbus TCP Client/Server, HTTP Web Serving, FTP, Email, Programming (Cscape)

USB 2.0
FLASH Drive Support (<2TB), Firmware Updates

Digital and Analog Inputs
DC Inputs, High Speed Counters (500Khz), 12 or 14 bit Analog in. Maximum 2048 digital inputs and 512 Analog inputs.

RS232 and RS485 Serial Ports
Modbus RTU Master and Slave, PLC Drive protocols, ASCII In/Out and programming (Cscape)

Horner XL4-min
Logic Controller
IEC 1131 Logic Programming or Advanced Ladder Logic with online programming (Cscape) 1MB Logic program, 0.013mSec/K Logic Scan Rate

Horner XL4 System Hardware 040-minCAN Port
Local and remote I/O, Peer to Peer Communications and Programming (Cscape with via USB interface to CAN port)

Digital Outputs
DC or Relay, 2 PWM or PTO (200KHz w/opt. drivers) Maximum 2048 digital outputs and 512 Analog outputs.

Horner XL4 System Hardware 050-minUSB 2.0 On-the-Go
High speed data and online programming (Cscape)

3.5” Colour Touchscreen
QVGA resolution, 16 bit colour, quick screen updates, system key and 4 function keys

This all in one controller comes in six different models.
HE-XC1E0 – No Built-in I/O
HE-XC1E2 – 12 DC In, 6 Relay Out, 4 12-bit Analog In
HE-XC1E3 – 12 DC In, 12 DC Out, 2 12-bit Analog In
HE-XC1E4 – 24 DC In, 16 DC Out, 2 12-bit Analog In
HE-XC1E5 – 12 DC In, 12 DC Out, 2 14/16-bit Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 2 12-bit Analog Out
HE-XC1E6 – 12 DC In, 12 DC Out, 6 — 14/17-bit Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 4 — 12-bit Analog Out
Special Models Available
Extended Temperature Model (3Q12)
The XL4 has been desigined to support and optional heater with integral thermostat. This will extend normal operation down to -40 degree C/F. Contact manufacturer.

Next time we will look at installing the free Cscape software.

Watch on YouTube : Horner XL4 Powering Up Unit
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