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BRX Do-More PLC MQTT Communications

MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport. This simple publish and subscribe communication protocol does not take too many resources.
Constrained devices with low bandwidth are ideal for MQTT. This protocol provides machine to machine (M2M) connectivity which is ideal for the Internet of Things. (IoT) This protocol is not for remote IO or real-time (deterministic) applications. MQTT is a good solution for applications that move data from hundreds or thousands of machines (sensors) to clients in many networks.

We will be installing a windows based broker called Mosquitto. The Do-More BRX PLC will be one of the clients publishing and subscribing to the MQTT broker. MQTT Lens (Chrome Browser App) will be the other client publishing and subscribing to the MQTT broker. Each client will share information. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!