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Productivity Open Arduino Compatible Industrial Controller Installing the Software

The P1AM-100 industrial controller is programmed with the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The C++ programming environment is emerging in industrial automation. This software is open-sourced and available free of charge. It will run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

ProductivityBlocks is a graphical programming interface and add-on to the Arduino IDE. It helps you build your sketch program by dragging and dropping interlocking blocks. The associated C++ is automatically generated for you. This will help you to avoid syntax errors.

We will be installing the Arduino IDE, P1AM-100 library and Productivity Blocks. This will be done on a Windows 7 machine. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Productivity Open Arduino Compatible Industrial Controller Hardware

Productivity Open is an industrial rated Arduino compatible platform controller. This rugged open-sourced CPU mimics the MKRZero Arduino. You can add standard MKRZero shields (Add-on Boards), along with the Productivity 1000 PLC I/O.

The Productivity Open Arduino Compatible Industrial Controller is CE and UL certified. Approved industrial standards ensure that your panels operate equipment and systems in a wide range of industrial environments and enable the safe functioning of equipment.
Industrial electrical noise isolation has been incorporated in the design of the Productivity Open. Voltages up to 240VAC can now be used with up to 3A output ratings on your maker project.

We will be unboxing and powering up our Productivity Open Starter Kit complete with an Ethernet and general-purpose IO Shield. Our kit also comes with a Productivity 1000 Analog input/output module. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!