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Should PLC Programming Software Be Free?
– Manufacturers make money off of the hardware. The dedicated software to program the hardware that they are selling should be free. If other software like SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is available, then charge for it only.
– What do you think?

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  1. As much as I’d like to say “yes it should be free” so I could get hold of it, I think it shouldn’t be free.

    A software engineer could set his business up and offer PLC maintenance/programming/updates, etc and not have to purchase any licences. The PLC manufacturer loses out. Every man and his dog with a little experience sets up as programmer, driving down experienced programmers prices, and making a mess of the task!

    It’s a tool required for a skilled person, and shouldn’t be freely available for anyone to obtain.

  2. I am an electrician. I have done lots of ddc controls installation, mostly Delta, which is an amazing product.

    Automation Direct has always reached out to electricians with abundant knowledge and affordable equipment. I am grateful for the years of seeking my attention. Still, many electricians do not take advantage of the ease with which they could pursue new knowledge. Many still need clear instruction on how to install the devices associated with automation, let alone operate or program. I can’t imagine the ways an IT engineer with little mechanical aptitude could screw up a system in good working order, but I know they do this regularly with hvac controls… Lol

    I do know manufacturing plant electricians are super good at plc’s though, fwiw. Each plant seems to have a couple genius grade mechanics who are good at everything from programming to wrench turning. They all seem to be ex-navy nukes fwiw. If free software helps this kind of tech, I am all for it.

  3. Yes, some software should be free. High cost of some software I believe is counter productive to a low cost PLC . Not everyone uses a PLC for plant or production work and can roll the cost over into a project. Many hobby type people, like myself, benefit from small PLC units and free software, like the Click and BRX.

    Originally, I purchased a Click because of the free software. Now, I have a BRX for the same reason. If they didn’t have free software, I would have looked to a different PLC or micro.

  4. Web content is free as long as you view the ads which create revenue for the developers.
    We want our industrial control environments to be robust. We want the developers to be qualified, responsible professionals willing to take responsibility for their products. Can this be accomplished by not charging for software and support? Do you want pop-up ads on your HMIs?

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