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Productivity 1000 PLC Click EtherNetIP Remote IO

We will now utilize Ethernet/IP to connect a Click PLC as remote IO on a Productivity system. The productivity series of controllers can use explicit and implicit messaging techniques of EtherNet/IP to optimize data exchanges across the network.
Explicit messaging means that the data messages that are transmitted will contain everything needed in order to respond or decode the message. It is a normal client/server relationship with instructions explicitly spelled out in the data messages. This communication happens at times that the Client requests the information.
Implicit messaging means the data messages are streamlined. The device is configured ahead of time to know what to do with the data. This is used for time-critical messages and it functions as a typical scanner/adapter relationship. Implicit messaging is real-time. It has the ability to copy data with minimal additional information because both ends already know exactly what each bit and byte.
Productivity 1000 Series PLC Click EthernetIP Remote IO
A Click PLC will be set up as remote distributed inputs and outputs for our Productivity 1000 controller. Implicit Ethernet IP will be set up. The Click will be the Ethernet IP adapter and the Productivity will be the Ethernet IP scanner. Let’s get started.