Communication HostLink Omron CP1H PLC PLC Basics

Omron CP1H Setting, Forcing and Online Editing

We will now look at online editing, setting, and forcing that can be done on the Omron CP1H controller.  The Omron CP1H series of programmable logic controllers are capable of online programming. This is when the PLC is solving logic and at the end of the scan, programming logic is added or modified. The next scan will now solve the new or modified logic in the PLC. CX-Programmer can also set or force inputs and outputs in the controller. This is usually used for troubleshooting and testing of the PLC logic. We will use the Start Stop and Jog circuit that we have developed to test the program in the PLC. Forcing and setting the inputs and outputs will demonstrate to us the operation of the logic. Online programming (online editing) will also be done with our CP1H controller.