Mastering PLC – What you need to know!

In the current era of automation and digitization, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have emerged as integral components for varied industries, including manufacturing, construction, and more. Mastering the PLC and what you need to know involves different facets of the PLCs. Understanding their basics to troubleshooting common concerns is crucial in optimizing their efficiency and application. … Read more

Arduino OPTA PLC – Ladder Diagram First Program

Arduino OPTA PLC IDE - Ladder Diagram First Program

The Arduino Opta IoT PLC allows you to conveniently program it using the Arduino PLC IDE in ladder diagram format. This is the most common industrial PLC language, a simple and intuitive method. Additionally, you can program it in any of the five official languages specified in the IEC standard and using sketches written in … Read more

Palletizing Conveyor Programming – Do-More PLC

Palletizing Conveyor Programming - Do-More PLC

The Machine Simulator (MS) is part of the EasyPLC software suite. It has many built-in machines, like the palletizing machine, that show different programming techniques. The palletizing conveyor example is one of these machines, and we will use the Do-More Designer PLC programming software. This will demonstrate a sequencer example. In this case, a box … Read more

Top 7 problems with beginners using ladder logic

Here are the top 7 problems and concepts beginners struggle with using ladder logic (Ladder Diagram). Ladder logic is a programming language used in PLCs, and it is based on the graphical representation of electrical relay logic circuits. Many beginners struggle with ladder logic because it requires a different mindset than traditional programming languages like … Read more

Productivity 2000 Series PLC Modbus RTU Serial

Productivity 2000 Series PLC Modbus RTU Serial Communication

The Productivity 2000 series of PLCs has five built-in communication ports for easy connectivity to your PC or various industrial networks. Serial protocols like Modbus RTU can be utilized with the RS232 or RS485 ports on this PLC. Modbus RTU (Serial) is an open (published) protocol that uses the Master / Slave architecture. It’s a … Read more

How to Program a Sorting Station – Click PLC

How to Program a Sorting Station - Click PLC

The sorting station box selection (camera management and distribution) is just one of many machines in the EasyPLC Machine Simulator (MS). This sorting station will read barcodes from the boxes and send them to different exit ramps. The Click programming software will be used to program this Click PLUS PLC. Modbus TCP (Ethernet) will connect … Read more