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Productivity 1000 Series PLC Email and Text

Secure PLC Email messaging is now available in the latest version of the Productivity Programming suite. SMTP or Transport layer security (TLS) email with an attachment and/or latest data log files can be sent. To be able to use this feature you must have installed Productivity programming suite v3.4 or higher and then load the latest firmware to the Productivity CPU. We can set up 4 different accounts in our PLC project. Account templates are already installed for some of the more common email servers.
Productivity 1000 Series PLC Email and Text Communication
We will be sending an email using a Gmail account with authentication. This will also include attached logged data files, error and event files. Our message will also include a switch and register current values when sending our email. We will also discuss how the PLC can send a text (SMS) message. Let’s get started.