Arduino UNO R3 Devices LED - Light Emitting Diode Open Devices RGB LED - Red Green Blue Color LED

Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit LEDs

We will now be looking at LEDs that we can wire and program using our Arduino Uno super starter kit. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices that will show light when current passes through them. This light is produced within the solid semiconductor material so it can be called a solid-state lighting device.
Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit LEDs
We will be looking at the wiring of LEDs with our breadboard. Different resistor values will be used to change the LED light brightness. We will discuss how we can calculate the amount of current passing through our LED.
An RGB LED and Red LED will then be wired to our Arduino UNO. The brightness and color of our LEDs will then be changed through the programming of the Arduino Uno. PWM outputs will be used in our program (sketch). Let’s get started.