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Productivity Open P1AM Arduino Serial Monitor COM

We will now look at the Arduino serial monitor com. This serial communication is good for troubleshooting and displaying information to you or your operators. The Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) has a built-in pop-up serial monitor. The serial monitor can be used to receive and send serial data to our Arduino program. This can be a great feature to help us in debugging or controlling Arduino programs. (Sketches)
We will be modifying the blinking light program that we did previously and add a one to an integer every time the P1AM-100 arduino CPU switch is on. This will be then printed on the serial monitor.
Arduino Serial Monitor COM
Removing the blinking light, we will run our program again an see the difference in speed with the delay instructions removed. Productivity blocks will be used to program our industrial arduino controller.
We will then look at escape character codes that we can use with our industrial arduino. Since the built-in serial monitor will not interpret the escape codes, we will be using Putty as our serial monitor program. Let’s get started.