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BRX Do-More PLC System Hardware / Unboxing

The BRX Do-More series of programmable logic controllers is a stackable micro brick. This is sometimes also referred to as a shoebox PLC because of the shape and way in which expansion modules are added. This new BRX Do-More series PLC is the latest in the Do-More series of controllers that have hit the market.
BRX Do-More PLC System Hardware Unboxing
Do-More H2 (Micro Modular PLC)
Do-More T1H (Stackable PLC)
BRX Do-More Series PLC (Stackable Micro Brick)

The BRX Do-More series offers built-in data logging, integrated motion control, customization communication ports, and expansion capabilities. These features like other Automation Direct products are offered at a very good price point. BRX Do-More series of controllers will use the same software as the other Do-More PLCs (Do-More Designer) and is a free download. We will be looking at this full-featured software that comes with a simulator later in this series.

We will be walking through allot of the features of this powerful controller. Let’s start by looking at the hardware. Continue Reading!