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Productivity 1000 Series PLC Drum Sequencer

The productivity series of PLCs has a Drum and Sequencer instruction.
Drum instructions are great tools. They mimic an electromagnetically drum sequencer. Have you ever seen the mechanisms of a music box? Ok so it’s a little drum with pegs that catch and flick the chimes in a particular sequence to play whatever tune is on the drum. So in the PLC you can have a drum driven by an event, (input from a limit switch or button), or by time.
Productivity 1000 Series PLC Drum Sequencer Instructions
Sequencers are similar to the drum instruction. The sequencer output can have up to 16 Boolean, Integer or Numerical Tags per step. Drum instruction outputs are limited to the same 16 bit (Boolean) outputs. Each step in the sequencer can be defined by time or /and event and specified outputs can be set going into and out of the step.
We have done similar Drum instructions for the BRX Series PLC and the Click PLC.
BRX PLC Drum InstructionVideo
Click PLC Drum InstructionVideo
We will be discussing the drum and sequencer instructions in the Productivity Series PLC. Simple examples will be done to demonstrate the power of these instructions. Let’s get started.