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Productivity 1000 Series PLC Program Control

The program control method and instructions will allow us to specify what parts of the logic get solved and when this happens. This will control how the PLC will scan and solve your logic in your program using a synchronous PLC Scan. Understanding the PLC program scan will explain the synchronous and asynchronous program scanning.
Individual ladder logic programs get solved left to right, top to bottom. The result of the rung before is available for the next rung. Task Management provides a method to clearly see the overall flow of your PLC program. Looking into the folders of the task management we can see blocks of code. These blocks contain the ladder logic that will solve our logic. Instructions within the ladder logic code can also determine how the PLC will solve the logic.
Productivity 1000 Series PLC Program Control
We will be looking at using program control in the Productivity 1000 Series PLC.
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