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Productivity 1000 PLC Array Functions Part 2

An array is a storage area for a group of common data type tags. They usually have some relationship to each other and need to be manipulated as a group.
Productivity 1000 Series PLC Array Functions Part 2Last time we defined an array and use this in an indirect addressing program. It sequenced bits in an output card indirectly. In this second part we will be looking at the following instructions:
Array Statistics (STA) – This will perform operations such as Summing, Averaging, Minimum Value, and Median Value on an Array.
Copy Array (CPA) – Copy a block of 1 or 2-dimensional arrays into a destination array.
Fill Array (FLA) – Copy a value to a block of array elements
Shift / Rotate Array (SRA) – Concurrently Shift or Rotate values in an Array.
Let’s get started with the Productivity 1000 Series PLC arrays part 2.