Omron CP1H PLC PLC Basics

Omron CP1H Data Shifting Instructions

We will now look at data shifting instructions in the Omron CP1H controller. PLC programming is all about how we can manipulate the information stored in the PLC. We have already looked at timers, counters, moves, and comparison instructions. Data shifting is a different concept that will move bits and words around in memory. This is necessary usually for tracking purposes. The word or bit will represent the product or information. As this information is triggered to shift to a new location we can use this to activate items later in the process. A typical example of this would be parts on a conveyor belt. As the part is detected on one end it will turn on a bit in a register. The conveyor movement is usually picked put by an encoder and shifts this bit in the register in sync with the conveyor movement. At the other end of the conveyor belt, we can see the bit position and do something with this information. We can use this information to count, reject, etc. Looking at the entire register full of bits, we can determine everything on the conveyor and its position.
We will be looking at the data shifting instructions in the Omron CP1H PLC. Examples of some of the instructions will be presented. The instructions are used to shift data within or between words, but in different amounts and directions.