Omron CP1H to C-More Micro HMI Communication

The C-More Micro HMI panel is a series of human-machine interfaces (HMI) that provide a way for the operator to control and view your programmable logic controller. (PLC) The free C-more microprogramming software is user friendly and fully featured. C-more Micro panels can easily display text, graphics, and bitmaps to effectively communicate critical data to … Read more

Omron CP1H Program Control Instructions

The Omron CP1H programmable logic controller has several different ways to control the program and the way in which your program executes. Sequence control, Subroutines, and Step instructions can be used. These are just a few ways in which the controller will execute your logic using a synchronous PLC scan. Understanding the PLC program scan … Read more

Omron CP1H Data Conversion Instructions

We will now look at data conversion instructions in the Omron Cp1H Controller. Programmable logic controller programming is all about manipulating the bits within the memory of the controller. Sometimes we need to convert from one form to another. This is where we will use data conversion instructions. BCD to Binary, Line to Column, Grey … Read more

Omron CP1H PLC – Math Instructions

Programmable logic controllers are not typically known for their math ability. Modern PLC controllers now come with several math instructions to expand the ability to perform math routines. Every controller has different methods to handle math with different numbering systems. Binary, BCD (Binary Coded Decimal), and floating-point single and double are examples of some numbering … Read more

Omron CP1H Data Shifting Instructions

We will now look at data shifting instructions in the Omron CP1H controller. PLC programming is all about how we can manipulate the information stored in the PLC. We have already looked at timers, counters, moves, and comparison instructions. Data shifting is a different concept that will move bits and words around in memory. This … Read more

Omron CP1H PLC Compare Instructions

We will now look at the compare instructions available on the Omron CP1H controller. Just about every program usually has some data comparison instruction. This is the ability to compare information from one area of the controller to another and act on results. The Omron CP1H series of programmable logic controllers provide several different ways … Read more