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P1AM Industrial Arduino GPIO Inputs and Outputs

The P1AM-GPIO is an industrial rated shield for the P1AM-100 Arduino system. It provides a connection from most of the P1AM-100 GPIO pins to the front 18 position terminal block connector.
p1am arduino gpio inputs and outputs
We will be looking at the wiring and programming of this input and output industrial rated shield that mounts on the left side of the P1AM-100 CPU arduino unit.
p1am arduino gpio inputs and outputs
Analog points will be wired to a potentiometer and LED (light-emitting diode) for demonstration of the voltage range that we can input and output. Digital points will be wired for discrete input and output using a pushbutton switch and LED. PWM (pulse width modulation) will also be used to control the brightness of a LED connected to a digital output. Let’s get started.