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P1AM Arduino P1 Digital Inputs and Outputs 1

The productivity open Arduino P1AM I/O interface chip-set supports the full suite of Productivity 1000 (P1) Inputs / Outputs expansion modules. These modules are industry approved and proven in the industrial environment. Modern industrial signal levels for digital and analog inputs and outputs are used.
arduino digital inputs outputs
P1000 modules available to you include the following:
• Discrete (Digital)
• Analog
• Temperature
• Relay (Digital)
• High-speed Input
arduino digital inputs outputs
We will be adding additional discrete input and output modules (cards) to our P1AM-START1 ProductivityOpen starter kit with Ethernet. A program will then be discussed that will print the modules in our system and then set and reset discrete digital inputs and outputs.
P1-16TR – Productivity1000 relay output module, 16-point, 6-24 VDC/6-120 VAC, (16) Form A (SPST) no-suppression, 2 isolated common(s), 8 point(s) per common, 2A/point, 8A/common.
P1-16CDR – Productivity1000 discrete combo module, Input: 8-point, 24 VAC/VDC, sinking/sourcing, Output: 8-point, 6-24 VDC/6-120 VAC, relay, (8) Form A (SPST) relays, 1A/point.
P1-08SIM – Productivity1000 simulator input module, 8-point.
Let’s get started.