Productivity 1000 PLC to Modbus TCP Remote IO

The Productivity Series of PLC can use Modbus TCP remote IO (inputs and outputs) from Stride. The Stride Field I/O Modules are simple and compact. They provide an economical means to connect inputs and outputs to an Ethernet Modbus TCP communication network. Every module operates as a standalone Modbus TCP server and can be configured … Read more

Productivity 1000 PLC AdvancedHMI Modbus TCP

We will now look at communication between the Productivity 1000 PLC (Modbus TCP Server) and AdvancedHMI (Modbus TCP Client). Advanced HMI is a powerful, adaptable HMI/SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) development package that takes advantage of Visual Studio. There is no coding required and you can simply drag and drop items onto the page. … Read more