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Productivity 1000 Series PLC Data Handling Instructions Part 2

Data handling instructions are used to perform movement and manipulations of the memory in the programmable logic controller. The Productivity 1000 Series PLC has fifteen different data handling instructions that can be used in a wide variety of applications. In this second part we will be looking at the following instructions:
Lookup Table (LKUP) – Find a value within an XY Table by looking at the intercept of a referenced X Axis value and Y Axis value.
Pack Bits (PKB) – Convert up to 32 Boolean Tag Bits or Constant Bits into an Output Integer Tag.
Pack Word (PKW) – Convert up to four 8 bit tags or two 16 bit tags, or four Constants into a 16 or 32 bit Destination Tag.
Shift / Rotate Bits (SFR) – Shift or Rotate Bits of a Tag or Constant value.
Sign Magnitude (SMAG) – Convert Sign Plus Magnitude data type values to 2’s Complement or Convert 2’s Complement data type values to Sign Plus Magnitude.
UnPack Bits (UPKB) – Convert up to a 32 Bit Integer Tag or Constant into Boolean Tags.
UnPack Word (UPKW) – Convert one 32 bit or 16 bit source tag into four 8 bit tags or two 16 bit tags.
A review of data handling instructions part 1 can be found here. Here is a link to the video.
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