Horner XL4 Firmware Update – All In One

We will now look at changing firmware on our Horner APG XL4 controller. The firmware update will give users the newest version of the operating system which adds new benefits to the controller. The firmware update is also required when changing communications between CsCan and CANopen. CsCan is a peer-to-peer network by Horner Electric based upon the Can network. CANopen is a communication protocol industry standard used in the CAN network.
Changing firmware will remove all programs and settings in the controller. Ensure that you have a backup of your information. Please refer to the release notes for the features that will be set with the firmware update.

Previously we discussed the following in our Horner APG XL4 Series:
System Hardware
Installing the Software Cscape
Cscape Software Setup
Establishing Communication
Numbering System and Addressing
User Interface
Timers and Counters
Compare and Move Instructions
Math Instructions
Program Control Instructions
Rotate and Shift Register
Recipe Instruction
Report Generator
Modbus RTU Instructions
FTP File Transfer Protocol Server
Horner XL4 HTTP Web Server
Modbus TCP AdvancedHMI Communication

Download the Latest Horner Firmware

There are two ways to download the latest version of the firmware for the Horner APG XL4 controller.

1. Use the following URL: http://www.heapg.com
LOG IN (An account is required to access the firmware updates. If you do not have an account you can create one at no charge.)


Select the version that you would like to download. You can also download the release notes about the version.

2. Use http://www.horner-apg.com/en/download/ocs.aspx

Select the Firmware tab on the screen.

Select the version that you would like to download. Both the CsCAN and CANopen versions are showing beside each other. You can also download the release notes about the version.

In our case, we will select the CsCAN version. (Example Version 14.24)

Save the Downloaded File onto a USB – Horner Firmware Update

Now save the zipped file that you downloaded onto a USB or micro USB device. In our case, we will be using a USB device. You will have to unzip the files and then place them at the root of the device.

Updating the Horner XL4 Firmware

Make sure that your Horner APG XL4 is powered up and plug in the USB thumb drive.

Press and hold the SYSTEM key on the controller. Lower left-hand button on the controller. The Boot Installer screen will now appear.

Press the Install Bootloader button.

Press Yes when questioned ‘Are you sure?’

When the operation completes, the following message is displayed.

Press OK.

Turn the supply power to the Horner APG XL4 controller off and then on again. When the controller powers up you will notice the new version flash on the screen as it boots up.

Go to the system menu by pressing the SYSTEM key.

Go to View Status in the system menu and scroll down to verify the new firmware version number.

Firmware Rev: 14.24
FPGA Rev: 0.5
InitRD Rev: 1.07
OS Ver:
Your versions may be different than the ones that I am currently displaying. You can now set up the network settings and transfer your program back into the controller using the Cscape software.

See this logic in action by watching the YouTube video below.

All of the documentation for the XL4 can be downloaded at the following URL:
Here is a link for the boot loader guide from the Horner website.

Next time we will look at data logging on our controller.

Watch on YouTube : Horner XL4 Firmware Update
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