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PLC Programming Example – Palletizer Drum

We will now look at another way of programming our palletizer using the PLC. How many ways can you program the PLC for the same function? The answer is a lot of different ways. You can have ten different programmers working on the same program and get ten different automatic control PLC programs. Sure they may have similarities but, they are all unique in their code within the PLC. As a system integrator, you will see many different ways of programming the PLC. We will now look at reprogramming our palletizer example using drum instructions. (Sequencer)
Last time we applied the five steps to PLC program development to a palletizer example. We will review our steps and then change our programming code to incorporate the drum instructions. Like our original example, we will allow the operator to change the layers of boxes you want on each skid. We will also add in this example a manual operation sequence to cycle through each of the steps for troubleshooting the program.
PLC Programming Example – Palletizer Drum Instructions
Developing the PLC program is a process that can be clearly defined. In our series on the five steps to PLC program development, we have done some similar practical examples.
PLC Programming Examples – Five Steps to PLC Program Development
– Press
Process Mixer
Shift Register (Conveyor Reject)
Paint Spraying
Delay Starting of 7 Motors
– Pick and Place
– Sorting Station (Shift Register)

Define the task: (1) – PLC Programming Example Palletizer using Drum

Watch the sequence of operation video below. This will demonstrate the pallet layer selection, running, and resetting of the machine.
Watch on YouTube: PLC Programming Example – Palletizer Testing