BRX Do-More Communication Modbus RTU Modbus RTU PID Control PLC Solo Process Temperature Controller

BRX Do-More Simple Modbus Serial Communication

The newest version of the Do-More Designer Programming Software (2.9) includes a Modbus I/O Scanner. This Modbus scanner will simplify Modbus RTU serial communications to any device. Communications are done independent of the PLC scan time and will have little or no ladder logic for the program.
BRX Do-More Simple Modbus Serial CommunicationWe will be communicating to a Solo process temperature controller via Modbus RTU RS485. (twisted pair) Setting up the Modbus IO scanner and reading the present value (PV) and set value (SV) of the Solo. We will also write the set value (SV) located within the BRX Do-More controller. Communications will happen without using any ladder logic code. Let’s get started.