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Click to Click PLC Communication – Remote IO

We will connect two Click PLUS PLCs and communicate in three different ways. Using the send and receive commands, we will set up one PLC to be the master (client) and communicate with the slave (server). WiFi, Ethernet, and Serial communication will share common memory areas between the Click PLCs.
Click to Click PLC CommunicationThe send and receive commands have been covered before in our Click PLC Series, but we will look further at the timing of the communication. Detecting and correcting communication errors will be discussed and implemented. We will also create a heartbeat for the remote Click slave (server) PLC. This will allow the remote controller to determine if communications have stopped with the Click master (client). Wiring a pushbutton and some ladder logic code will allow us to time the throughput of each of the communication methods. Let’s get started.

BRX Do-More Communication Modbus RTU Modbus RTU PID Control PLC Solo Process Temperature Controller

BRX Do-More Simple Modbus Serial Communication

The newest Do-More Designer Programming Software (2.9) version includes a Modbus I/O Scanner. This Modbus scanner will simplify Modbus RTU serial communications to any device. Communications are done independent of the PLC scan time and will have little or no ladder logic for the program.
BRX Do-More Simple Modbus Serial CommunicationWe will be communicating to a Solo process temperature controller via Modbus RTU RS485. (twisted pair) Setting up the Modbus IO scanner and reading the present value (PV) and set value (SV) of the Solo. We will also write the set value (SV) located within the BRX Do-More controller. Communications will happen without using any ladder logic code. Let’s get started.

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Do-More PLC – EasyPLC Box Selection Program

The Machine Simulator (MS) is part of the EasyPLC software suite. It has many built-in machines that can be programmed. The box selection (camera management and distribution) is one of these machines. It will read barcodes from the boxes and send them to different exit ramps. The Do-More Designer PLC Simulator will be used to program this virtual machine.
Do-More PLC – EasyPLC Box Selection ProgramUsing the Do-More Designer PLC software, we will connect the simulator to the box selection machine. This will be done using Modbus TCP (Ethernet) for communications. Using the five steps for program development we will show how this is programmed. Let’s get started.

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Solo SL-SOFT Installation – Temperature Controller Software

All Solo Standard Process Temperature Controllers that support RS-485 serial communications can use the SL-SOFT configuration and monitoring software. This free package will communicate to monitor multiple SOLO controllers using Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII protocols.
Solo SL-SOFT Installation - Temperature Controller Configuration and Monitoring Software

Solo SL-SOFT Installation - Temperature Controller Configuration and Monitoring SoftwareWe will be installing the SL-SOFT configuration and monitoring software package on our Windows 10 PC. Communicating through our Waveshare USB to RS485 adapter, Modbus RTU will be used as the protocol to establish communication. Let’s get started.

Click Click PLUS Communication IoT Software Modbus TCP Node-RED PLC

Node-RED Modbus TCP Handling Errors

Node-RED Modbus TCP can recover from communication errors automatically. Options are available to you the programmer to continue the Node-RED flow upon detection of these errors.

Broken Ethernet cable, Modbus Server power, and Node-RED Client offline are just a few of the errors that can occur on the industrial plant floor. Our Node-RED program must account for and be tested for each of these conditions.
We will be communicating Modbus TCP (Ethernet) to our Click Plus PLC. Using the catch node we will detect and display errors that may occur. Let’s get started.

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CH340 CH341 USB to Serial PC Installation

We will be installing a USB to rs485 installation on our computer. The CH340/CH341 USB to Serial port is a 2-wire USB to RS-485 serial communication adapter for RS485 use. It does not require an external power supply or complicated configuration.

It has a Type A (plug) USB connector for the computer side and screw terminals for the RS485 connections. The CH340/CH341 USB to serial device supports multiple baud rates and has a thumb drive design.  Let’s get started installing our USB to RS485 adapter.