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Omron CP1H Data Conversion Instructions

Programmable logic controller programming is all about manipulating the bits within the memory of the controller. Sometimes we need to convert from one form to another. This is where we will use data conversion instructions. BCD to Binary, Line to Column, Grey Scale and Multiplexing are just some of the data conversion instructions. We will be looking at some of these instructions in the Omron CP1H PLC. Examples of some of the instructions will be presented. Continue Reading!

Omron CP1H Counters

The Omron CP1H series of programmable logic controllers are capable of having 4096 basic counters. There are two basic counter instructions in the PLC. Each of basic instructions can be either binary or BCD. The memory area for counters have separate areas for the Counter PVs (Present values) and the Counter Completion Flags. We will be looking at the basic Counter instructions in the CP1H along with some programming examples. Continue Reading!

Omron CP1H Establish Communication

The Omron CP1H series of programmable logic controllers is programmed from CX-Programmer. CX-Programmer is part of Omron CX-One Factory Automation Integrated Tool Package. We will now establish communication to our CP1H PLC using CX Programmer. We will be using the USB connection (Built into the CPU) as well as a RS485 connection using the CP1W-CIF11 module. The Start Stop and Jog circuit that we developed last time will be transferred to the PLC unit. We will then verify that the program in the PLC is the same as the program logic in CX Programmer. Continue Reading!