3 thoughts on “BRX Do-More PLC Email – Text SMS Messaging Gmail”

  1. i am having problems with brx email and i was wondering if my brx plc is connected to my computer by ethernet cable same that is used for programming and my computer is connected to internet wireless
    after i try to send the e mail i get the couldn’t open the tcp connection message any ideas

    • Hi Maciek,
      The BRX Ethernet port should be directly connected to your router. If you need wireless then use a point to point solution (Ubiquiti Nanostation) back to your router. In the BRX IP Settings you will see the IP address for the internet.
      Let me know how you make out.

      • my routers ip is so i made the i p of the brx plc 192.168.0,7 subnet mask gateway
        my brx is downstairs so i have to get a 50ft ethernet cable to get it to my router i will try it tomorrow other than that i followed your video on youtube


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