Productivity 2000 PLC Data Logger and Logging

Productivity 2000 PLC Data Logger and Logging

The productivity series of PLCs has a built-in data logger. This accessible data logger will log up to 64 tag values on a USB (Micro SD) storage device connected to the CPU. The logs will be stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format. Logging can be triggered by the rising edge transition of a … Read more

Click PLC Logging Data with Time and Date Stamp

We will now look at logging data with time and date in the Click PLC. The Click PLC can perform indirect addressing. This means that I can ask for information to be moved to and from locations in the PLC using a pointer that will indicate the address. Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of … Read more

Now You Can Have Data Logging Free

A data logger is also known as a data recorder or data acquisition. It is a method to record data over some time and events. The recorded information can come from sensors in the field. They can be digital or analog. Digital data can be used for counts, times, events (motor overload), etc. With the … Read more