Horner XL4 Report Generator – Text / Data

We will now look at the Horner report generator. The Horner APG XL4 all in one controller has a feature to generate text reports. These reports can consist of text and data from memory locations in the controller. Reports can be printed using a serial interface printer through any of the serial ports of the … Read more

Horner XL4 Rotate and Shift Register

The Horner APG XL4 all in one controller has several different instructions to shift and rotate the bits, bytes, words or double words in the memory. We will be discussing the bitwise operations of the shift and rotate instructions. Looking further into the move operations we will look at the Element Rotate and Element Shift instructions … Read more

Horner XL4 Compare and Move Instructions

Compare and move instructions in the Horner XL4 OCS all-in-one controller can be very powerful. We will be looking at how to use these compare and move instructions. Combining these two instructions to build a sequencer, we will apply this to an application example. Our application will be a simple traffic light. The HMI screen … Read more

What Everybody Ought to Know About IP Addressing

We will be looking at and explaining IP Addressing, MAC Addressing (Physical Address), Subnets, and Subnet Masks. Communication using Ethernet usually revolves around the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model). This model was made for computing systems to communicate without regard for the underlying internal structure and technology. IP Addressing Analogy Think of it like … Read more