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Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit Ultrasonic Sensor

The ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) is great for all kinds of projects that need distance measurements. The HC-SR04 is inexpensive and easy to use. We will be sending signals directly to the sensor and interpreting the results without the need for a library.
Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit Ultrasonic Sensor
Ultrasonic sensor module HC-SR04 provides a 2cm-400cm non-contact measurement function, the accuracy can reach 3mm. The modules include ultrasonic transmitters, receivers, and control circuits. We will be wiring the ultrasonic sensor to our Arduino UNO R3 controller on our super starter kit. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit Analog Inputs

We will now be looking at how to use analog inputs to our Arduino UNO controller. An analog input converts a voltage level into a digital value. This can then be used in our Arduino program or sketch. The analog input signal can represent many different items. Speed, levels, distance, brightness, density, humidity, etc. are a few items that this external input can represent.
Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit Analog Inputs
We will be wiring a 10K potentiometer to the first analog input of the controller. The Arduino Uno R3 from our Super Starter Kit will be used. As the analog values changes via our potentiometer, we will use PWM to change the brightness of an LED. We will look at how this conversion from analog voltage to digital is done. Values will be displayed on the built-in serial monitor of our Arduino IDE software. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit Software – Arduino IDE

We will now install software to program our arduino uno. This arduino uno software is a free download and will operate on several operating systems. The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software uses a streamlined version of C++ to write and upload code to the boards. This software is open-sourced and available free of charge. It will run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
arduino uno software
We will be installing the Arduino IDE on a Windows 7 machine. Connecting to our Arduino Uno, we will modify the blink program. (sketch) Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

PLC Fiddle – Online Editor and Simulator

I have recently come across a free virtual plc simulator called PLC Fiddle. It will enable you to create simple PLC ladder logic code within your browser free. This is an ideal way in understanding PLC concepts for industrial automation. All of the basic PLC instructions that come with most plc units have been incorporated in this virtual cloud PLC software.
PLC Fiddle is currently in an early stage of development but is functional enough to be helpful to you in learning and understanding PLC concepts. We will be reviewing this online plc editor and simulator software and create a few common basic circuits. Using the simulator we will test our circuits and monitor our PLC programs (circuits). Let’s get started. Continue Reading!