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Productivity Open P1AM Industrial Arduino Operators

Operators in your Arduino sketches (programs) consist of comparison blocks, concatenate strings, bitwise operators, string conversion, ‘not’ operator, and compound operators. These operations generally will be used with other instructions in your sketch. It is important to understand what instructions are available and what they are designed to accomplish.

We will be looking at each of these instructions that are available using productivity blocks. A sample sketch will be shown that will use some of these operators. The sketch will get a number between 1 and 100 from the built-in Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) serial monitor. It will print the number on the monitor if it is between 1 and 100, else it will print try again. Let’s get started! Continue Reading!

Productivity Open P1AM Industrial Arduino Variables Data Types

Data types in the C++ language are used to determine the variable or function applied for the given type. The type will determine the size of the storage (bits), and the method to interpret the information.

Microprocessors can only understand binary (on / off) numbering systems. The interpretation of these binary numbers will allow us to have several different data types. We will be reviewing the different data types that we can use in our sketches (programs) for our P1AM-100 arduino industrial controller. Only the variables data types available in ProductivityBlocks will be discussed, but references will be made for all data types that can be used. We will then look at a program that will list some integer and string variables. This will then be displayed on the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!