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BRX Do-More PLC Timers – How to Use

A majority of the programmable logic controller (PLC) programs will include a timer instruction. The BRX Do-More series of programmable logic controllers have several different timers available for your program. There are nine different basic timing instructions in the PLC. The memory area for timers includes the Timer PVs (Present Values) Timer SVs (Set Values) and the Timer Completion Flags. The default size of the timer area is T0 – T255. This size can change to the amount that we need for our program. Please see BRX Do-More PLC Numbering Systems and Addressing on how to change the memory configuration of the controller.
We will be looking at the timer instructions in the BRX Do-More PLC along with some programming examples. As a system integrator, this ability can prove very useful to you in the field when commissioning your automation system. When dealing with timers, we need to look at timing charts. The Secret of Using Timers is a good refresher on using timing charts.
Let’s get started with the BRX Do-More PLC Timers. Continue Reading!