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BRX Do-More PLC High-Speed Input Pulse Catch

The High-Speed Input Pulse Catch will set an output that can be seen by the PLC ladder logic scan in response to an input pulse. Inputs that are too fast to reliably be seen by the ladder logic scan time will be seen.
BRX Do-More PLC High-Speed Input Pulse CatchThe BRX Do-More series of programmable logic controllers have built-in high-speed inputs. These inputs can function in Counter, Timer, or Pulse Catch modes. Every CPU will have either 6 or 10 high-speed inputs (HSI) available depending on the model. These inputs can be used for input frequencies from 0 to 250Khz. 250Khz represents 250000 input counts per second that can be coming from devices connected to your PLC like an encoder. Due to the speed of the inputs, they function on the BRX Do-More PLC asynchronous with the PLC scan time.
We will continue looking at the high-speed inputs on our BRX Do-More PLC, by looking at the pulse catch mode. The pulse catch mode will be set up using the Z phase of our incremental encoder. Pulses will be counted using the input directly in the ladder logic and using the pulse catch bit. Comparisons will be made between the two counts and an output will be turned on when different. Let’s get started.